medtigo Care Subscription Plans

medtigo Care membership is billed as a monthly subscription that covers a household with up to six occupants. Participants in the initial 3-month pilot, running September 1 – November 30, 2020 will have access to unlimited* services during the introductory three-month period, at a significantly discounted rate, and will continue to receive a similar discount for their first 12 months of service should they choose to continue.

Core LifeKit & enrollment visit
(per household)


6 AM – 10 PM
(7 days/week)

Wellness/check-in visits

every 2-3 months

Monthly subscription
(per household)


Video visits
(scheduled or on-demand)


Provider chat encounters


medtigo Care provides unique access to
high-quality, technology-enabled care

Ongoing relationship with
you and your family

Full evening and weekend


Experienced emergency

Physiologic monitoring
devices at home

Personalized kit of supplies
& medicines in your home

Insurance call Lines / Telemedicine

Primary-Care-Based TELEMedicine

Medtigo Care

*Some restrictions apply.
medtigo Care is currently available only to Massachusetts residents.
medtigo Care does not accept health insurance, but may be considered a qualified expense under your HSA/FSA. Please contact your employer/insurance provider for details.