COVID-19 Services

Working in Massachusetts Emergency Departments in the age of Covid, we have seen the double toll of the pandemic – on patients with Coronavirus itself, as well as on those who can’t access their needed care. medtigo Care was designed to address these issues by remotely managing the prevention, diagnosis, and care for Covid-19, as well as providing outstanding non-Covid medical care, all while allowing our members to avoid exposure to a hospital clinic or emergency department.

Covid-19 is likely to be a significant part of our lives for the near future. While some states have managed the initial wave, it is impossible to predict exactly how or when a second wave will come. medtigo Care will support your family through whatever the pandemic might bring, including evaluation, monitoring, and care at home when possible, and prioritized transition to the hospital if needed.

Testing and evaluation

we can refer and order patients for Covid-19 testing, both antigen and antibody testing.

Quarantine and exposure

for return to work, return to school, and advice on what to do if you or a family member has come into contact with an infected person.

Outpatient monitoring and supportive care

care for patients with Covid-19 infection, we can provide a basic “hospital at home,” with evaluations multiple times a day, oxygen-level monitoring, and even home oxygen delivery.

Prioritized hospital referral

fast-tracking into the local emergency department for patients with severe symptoms, or those who otherwise require hospital-level care.