medtigo Care

medtigo Care is a subscription service that gives families instant access to excellent online healthcare when they need it.

While patients and families avoid hospitals and clinics out of concern for contagion in the era of Covid-19, people still need care. Millions of Americans are missing out on necessary medical attention, and current online solutions are inadequate to address the health risks created by gaps in care.

medtigo Care is a comprehensive approach to digital healthcare and health security, combining:

Virtual Urgent Care (VUC), staffed by experienced emergency doctors and PAs, accessible 7 days a week
via video and text.

A personalized emergency medical kit hand packed by an emergency medicine doctor to meet your family’s specific medical needs.

Access to unlimited expert advice by secure text message, phone, or video chat to keep your family healthy.

medtigo Care can manage most common medical problems remotely

medtigo Care’s specialized emergency providers offer more comprehensive care than the on-screen advice available from a typical telemedicine provider. Our specialists’ expertise is complemented by the at-home diagnostic and treatment equipment supplied in your LifeKit. The medtigo Care approach to distance medicine supports our providers in treating a wide range of medical issues.

  • Trauma/injury
  • Acute illnesses
  • Exacerbations of chronic issues

How it works?

Cool Timeline

July 22

Enrollment & LifeKit

Each family is issued a core LifeKit. At a video enrollment visit, we take your medical history and personalize your LifeKit with essential equipment and medications.
July 22

Virtual Visit

Members text or video-visit with our provider, who uses the LifeKit to diagnose, manage, and treat acute issues or to answer medical questions.
July 22


medtigo Care provider will call in additional prescriptions and will follow-up with patients during recovery.
July 22

Coordinated Care

Our providers send a care summary to the patient’s primary care doctor after each encounter. Patients requiring hospital care will be immediately referred to the local Emergency Department to fast-track their care.
July 22

Preventive Care

Personalized expert advice keeps your family healthy, based on the latest medical literature and evidence-based guidelines curated by top Board-Certified physicians.

medtigo Care is ideal for

Families with small children

who want a solution to manage acute issues, like ear infections, rashes, and playground injuries, when their pediatrician is not easily available.

People managing existing medical issues

who want to avoid exposure to hospitals/clinics. medtigo Care treats basic injuries and illnesses, and is your first call for managing complications of existing medical problems.

Young professionals

who are generally healthy, but want a convenient and high-quality means to address their medical issues and questions in a way that accommodates their busy schedules.

Frequent travelers

who want access to trusted medical care away from home, whether on vacation, at a second home, or traveling for work.